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There are unlimited reasons to support the work of Naked Whale Research—whether it be your concern for human health, the conservation of an endangered population, or the education our data provides for the future. And what’s more: 100% of our donations go to fund our mission. It is with the utmost gratitude that we accept any and all donations that you are able to give.


And yet, we understand that donating to our non-profit can be a financial strain. Thankfully, the thoughtful folks over at have come up with a fun and easy solution.


Goodshop, an online shopping portal, has teamed up with over 4,000 stores across the Internet in order to revolutionize the relationship between philanthropy and shopping.  If you use Goodshop’s interface when you shop online, then a portion of every single purchase that you make will be matched and donated back to the conservation of endangered Southern Resident killer whales. How cool is that?


And, what’s more: Goodshop offers thousands of great insider deals for those good samaritans. We couldn’t think of a better reward for those conscientious enough to use Goodshop while they shop!


With deals this good (both for the killer whales and for you), there’s no way you wouldn’t choose to goodshop.

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