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Dolphins of Anaheim Bay


Since 2020 Naked Whale Research have conducted non-invasive land-based photo identification studies of the bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) that frequent Anaheim Bay, Seal Beach, California. Currently there are over 40 individual animals that have been photographed. Each year new mom/calf pairs visit the Inner Harbor to teach their young how to forage and hunt. As well, repeat locals such as the "nurse aide" known as Raya accompany new moms with their offspring. Raya stays at a respectable distance from the pair, giving them time alone together, however she can often be seen hanging with any other juvenile relatives in the vicinity.

Many of the dolphins have very distinct dorsal fins or scarring on their bodies that readily aide researchers in identification. In addition to discovering previously unknown animals, Naked Whale Researchers are working to match known animals with NOAA catalogs of coastal California dolphins.


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