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The donation of volunteer time is invaluable to the support of our research.  Here we have listed several ways to get involved.  Whether you have admin skills, want to gain field research experience or just want to help us get the word out on needed project funding, we appreciate you and your support!

Board of Directors

Eager to volunteer your skills and time to help declining whales and dolphins?  Well then, we are putting out a call for new Directors.  Desired skills needed are: 1) love of marine life, 2) positive can-do attitude, 3) knowledge of how non-profits work, 4) unique skill sets such as CPA, non-profit law, fundraising, public outreach would be useful.  Directors hold virtual meetings four times a year, volunteer on various public events, and donate monetarily to fundraisers and projects.  Click on photo to contact us.

SUP Yoga Meditation Om

Board Secretary

Have a keen sense of organization?  We are currently looking for a Board of Directors Secretary to attend meetings via Zoom and type up the Minutes and redistribute them back out to the Board.  If you are a good proof reader, typist, and have time to attend four meetings per year, you may be our "Girl Friday".  Click on photo to contact us for an interview.  

Working on Laptop

Social Media Distribution

Do you have a strong social media presence?  Are you comfortable with asking for donations and support funding?  Maybe you can be our voice and help spread the word on our projects and funding needs on a variety of social platforms.  Click photo to contact us.

Digital social media
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