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New Baby!

After a three week hiatus, we are back at it scanning Anaheim Bay. Monday we were treated to a very close pass-by of three individuals who were then joined by another two within the Inner Harbor. We were able to collect some short video of a newish calf in the mix. Animals were spotted within the Inner Harbor at 0934 and milled around quickly for 10 minutes. The three with the new calf returned later in the morning heading into "Causeway Bay" before noon, while the other two stayed out in the outer Anaheim Bay. Initial thoughts are that it's a new calf associated with "Debbie & Carrie". This would make sense as those two spend a lot of time in the smaller "Causeway Bay". The calf had much energy and leapt around when it wasn't next to another older mom/sibling. We hope to confirm ID with more visits!


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