All personnel involved with Naked Whale Research are volunteers; we have no paid employees.  To this end, all donations are applied directly to the fulfillment of our research, education and conservation mission. 


If you would like to monitarily support killer whale research please click on our Donate button below or send a check to Naked Whale Research, c/o Jodi Smith, P.O. Box 78, Crescent Mills, CA 95934


​Reasons to Donate

Human Health- Killer whales are a bio-indicator of the overall health of the ocean and coastal regions inhabited by humans.

Conservation-Our research aims to protect the killer whale species in its natural environment and prevent extinction of an already endangered population.

Education-By using our data to educate future generations, we are helping to raise future scientists who can advocate for reasoned and sensible management of natural resources.

Aesthetics-One less species on our planet is one less color in our palette.  Imagine a lifeless ocean.

Employment-Our research will be able to provide several job possibilities for locals including a skipper, research assistant and office assistant.

Internships-Our boat-based work and data analysis can help biology students achieve much needed field experience and college credit.

Economic Return-A functioning organization must make purchases in order to operate properly.